Thomas Wendt
Independent Design Strategist, Author of "Design for Dasein" and "Persistent Fools" (forthcoming)

Thomas Wendt

Thomas Wendt is an independent design strategist, author, facilitator, activist, educator, and speaker based in New York City. He splits his time between client engagements and independent scholarship.

His client work includes building sustainable human-centered design capabilities through workshops, training programs, and coaching, along with projects encompassing early stage design research, co-design, and service design. Thomas has worked with clients ranging from large companies to nonprofits and activist groups.

Thomas’s first book, Design for Dasein, deals with the relationship between experience design and practical philosophy. It explores the emerging practice of designing experiences through the lens of phenomenology, a philosophical perspective concerned with how humans experience the world. His second book, Persistent Fools: Cunning Intelligence and the Politics of Design (forthcoming), explores the role of cunning intelligence and deception to make more socially, culturally, and ecologically sustainable design decisions, as well as a means of resisting oppressive design.

Thomas speaks at conferences across the world and is published in both academic journals and practitioner publications on topics such as philosophy of design, design theory, sustainability, design research, design thinking, and the politics of design.

He also enjoys escaping to a remote cabin in the woods whenever possible, single malt scotch, and practicing yoga.

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2:05 PM
Curated Session
Complexity and User Experience
Thomas Wendt
Critique of Human Centered Design
Thomas Wendt, Independent Design Strategist, Author of "Design for Dasein" and "Persistent Fools" (forthcoming)
Dr. James Auger
Re-constrained Design
Dr. James Auger, Designer, Researcher and Lecturer at Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute
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David Fine
Moderator and host