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Connect with interaction designers at the discipline's premier event

IxDA has a tradition of crafting impressive conferences—a tradition made possible thanks to our sponsors and partners. In return, we want our sponsor experiences to be equally memorable. Interaction 17 is a great way to reach the interaction design community.

Our audience. We expect 1,000 people to join us in New York. Our attendees are spread across levels of experience. They include interaction designers, user experience consultants, product managers, academic staff, but also authors of best-selling books on user experience and VPs of Fortune 1000 companies. About 50% of attendees typically come from North America, 45% from Europe and 5% from the rest of the world. About half of attendees work inside client corporations and the other half works for consultancies and agencies.

Partnership opportunities. We’re seeking mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations who want to help make Interaction 17 the best experience for everyone who attends. Here is a preliminary view of the opportunities to partner with IxDA for Interaction 17: