Steven Bai
Co-founder and Designer, Sencity Corp

Steven Bai

Steven Bai is an award-winning, anti-disciplinary designer and interaction design researcher. His works were featured in many international creative festivals and conferences, including Beijing Design Week and Vivid Sydney.

Steven completed his Bachelor of Design Computing with First Class Honours at the University of Sydney, and his Honours research in persuasive technology was awarded with the University Medal. Having worked in the creative industry since 2010 on cross-platform products and interactive media installations, Steven’s practice investigates the role of design-led innovation and technology in shaping our lives and experiences in everyday environments.

Having lived in many different cities before settling in Sydney, his cross-cultural background has also shaped his creative vision on how to strategically design for different cultures and demographics. Steven Bai is the Director of Sencity – an urban experience company based in Brooklyn, NY. Together with his team, they are currently building platforms and city applications to alleviate urban issues and to encourage creative innovation in cities around the globe.


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