Kassie Chaney
Sr. Manager, User Experience Research, LinkedIn

Kassie Chaney

Kassie Chaney is a User Experience Research Manager at LinkedIn. She co-originated the Research Bento program and supports designers who are interested in running research of their own. With a background in Psychology and Sociology, Kassie has long been fascinated by communities, particularly subcultures and how they interact and communicate in the connected era. At LinkedIn, she’s studied audience needs and trends, networking, the notion of identity, and sharing behaviors. She’s also interested in research methods/tools and finding creative solutions to scale research in lean organizations.

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9:00 AM
Kassie Chaney
Yulia Gorman
Elizabeth Gin
AM Half-Day Workshop
Research Bento: Democratizing Design Research
Kassie Chaney, Sr. Manager, User Experience Research, LinkedIn
Yulia Gorman, Product Designer & Researcher, LinkedIn
Elizabeth Gin, User Experience Researcher, LinkedIn