Greg Vasallo
Product Designer, Fidelity Investments

Greg Vassallo

Greg first got excited about the Internet when his dad took him into the office at IBM one Saturday afternoon and let him play around with a new system called Prodigy. It was fascinating and endless, and he was immediately hooked.

He spent my college years staying up all night designing and building web sites and downloading MP3s on Napster. When he discovered user-centered design, he signed up for the HCI master’s program at CMU. Such a cool place.

He cut his teeth at Moment Design for around 6 years (employee number 2), where he basically learned everything he knows working side-by-side with the amazing partners there.

After a stint in medical devices, he moved on to Fidelity Investments, where he has been a product designer for 3 years, engaged by the never-ending challenge of making financial services more simple, fun, and human.

Greg spends most of his spare time with immediate and extended family. Sort of old-school Mediterranean like that.

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