Dori Tunstall
Dean of Faculty of Design, OCAD University

Dori Tunstall

Dr. Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall is a professional design anthropologist and educator. As of this fall, she is also the new Dean of the Faculty of Design at OCAD University. She is the first black Dean of Faculty of Design anywhere, and is proud of the progress which this represents. Designing from a place of respect and understanding of diverse cultures and values has been a focus of her career. Tunstall founded the Cultures-Based Innovation Initiative (a global network of designers, anthropologists, Indigenous scholars and activists, innovation consultants, computer scientists and leadership scholars across 24 nations) with the mission of decolonizing innovation and making it more inclusive. Prior to OCAD, she taught at Swinburne University in Australia and worked as a strategist for Sapient Corporation and Arc Worldwide.

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9:10 AM
Dori Tunstall
Keynote - Respectful Design: The Canadian Context
Dori Tunstall, Dean of Faculty of Design, OCAD University