Director of Design and UX, Mark43

Daniel Yang

Daniel Yang is the Director of Design and UX at Mark43, a public safety software startup that went from Harvard student project to actively disrupting multi-billion dollar industry incumbents using design as a key competitive advantage. Mark43 products are actively in use by multiple police departments including the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington DC as well as many Federal agencies including the Secret Service. As part of the design research process, he has gone on police ride-alongs and shadowed 911 dispatchers to see the context in which these tools are used and can speak to how that influenced the design of our products.

Previous to his current post, Daniel worked in health-tech at ZocDoc and also in advertising/digital agencies so he brings a wide perspective and firsthand knowledge what it’s like to be designer across different industries considering making the jump to an enterprise or govtech design position.

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1:00 PM
Daniel Yang
Design to Fight Crime and Save Lives
Daniel Yang, Director of Design and UX, Mark43