VP of Organizational Design, Mad*Pow, and Co-author, Discussing Design

Adam Connor

Adam Connor is a designer, author, and illustrator based in Western Massachusetts. As VP of Organizational Design at Mad*Pow, Adam helps create positive change by addressing the relationships that people have with one another to foster more collaborative, creative and customer-centric organizations.

Adam and his team look closely at company culture and all of the ways that it gets expressed and reinforced. They explore how beliefs, behaviors, and perceptions influence things like roles, structure, processes, and tools that organizations use every day. They then work collaboratively with teams to identify meaningful changes that teams can make to improve their capacity to work together creatively. He has coached and trained teams across the world and from industry leading organizations such as Google, Disney, Fidelity, and Aetna.

In 2015 he and co-author Aaron Irizarry released Discussing Design: Improving Communication & Collaboration Through Critique with O’Reilly Publishing.

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1:30 PM
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Discussing Design: Improving Team Communication and Collaboration Through Critique
Aaron Irizarry, Director of User Experience at Nasdaq, Co-author, Discussing Design
Adam Connor, VP of Organizational Design, Mad*Pow, and Co-author, Discussing Design