Sold Out! AM Half-Day Workshop

Rethinking UX: The Rise of “Screenless” Interfaces

February 5, 2017 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Location: SVA 132 – Seventh Floor – Studio (VFL)

Just a few years ago we witnessed the rise of the mobile web. Today consumers use their smartphone 5 hours a day on an average. It nearly seems like an artificial appendage. No wonder, that we – as UX designers – are trained, to find an app / mobile service to almost every problem our users are facing. More than 5.7 Million apps are available in app stores. But do we really solve our user’s problems or do we just force them to constantly stare at their phones? – A fast growing number of people feel that the latter is the case and demand for more natural and less distracting forms of interaction with technology. And as IoT, wearables, and beacon technology are maturing, people start to see ways of combining them to smart multi-device ecosystems. In our workshop, we want to familiarize participants with different strategies (and related best practice examples) to achieve a more simple, natural and personal interaction with users. By means of design thinking methods, we want to encourage them furthermore to come up with new, more context sensitive ideas for a couple of everyday life use cases.

Participant takeaways:

  • Screen based thinking has reached its limit
  • People have demand for more natural and intelligent forms of interaction
  • Taking some simple design paradigms into account it is already possible to come up with useful, personal and coherent services, that are not only relevant but desirable for our users

SVA 132 – Seventh Floor
132 W 21st St, 7th floor