You Don’t Need This Card: Designing Interactions That Extend Beyond the Screen

February 8, 2017 3:25 PM - 4:10 PM

The nascent Internet of Things promises a contextually-delivered, seamless future where everything “just works.” But this exciting possibility presents designers with a paradox: how can you provide actionable user cues while also reducing or removing visual interface?

In this talk, I’ll discuss some of the challenges our team at Perka has faced designing automated and semi-automated interactions for retail settings, including:

  • How to get users to engage with services where they don’t expect them to exist
  • How to register and engage users without interrupting their routine
  • How to remind users what to do when they’re not looking

I’ll also highlight a few lessons we’ve learned the hard way, and discuss strategies that we’ve found successful for keeping users engaged with the experience, rather than the screen.

SVA Theatre – Beatrice Theatre
333 West 23rd Street New York, NY 10011